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The processing and communication of information with heterogenous agents and lateral communication aspects


Research objectives and content
The thesis should contribute to have a better understanding of the communication process in an industrial, political or military organization. Some recent attempts to model communication flows in organizations can be found in the literature (e.g. Radner,
Bolton-Dewatripont). In those models members are assumed to be homogeneous and communication is restricted to pure'vertical aspects.
The thesis should analyse the impact on the optimal organizational structure, wage scale, delay to decision, common knowledge in the organization etc. if the assumption of homogeneous agents is relaxed. Another challenge is the modelling of lateral communication between members of a same level in an organization. This will be an attempt to abandon the idea of a strict hierarchical organization. It may have a learning effect on the agents who increase their ability in an ongoing model by lateral communication. In many real organizations this tendency towards flatter and less strictly organised hierarchies can be observed. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I expect that the work will give me a profound knowledge of the methodology of modelling in modern mic roeconomic theory. I consider the preparation of the Ph.D. thesis as the most necessary step to train modelling skills in order to be able to produce own contributions to economic theory in a potential research career.Especially the detailed discussions with the experienced supervisors are important for a beginnger in economic research in order to have scientific guidelines. Besides the project I can benefit from additional doctorate lectures and seminars at the University.
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