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Business services in the information economy


Research objectives and content
This project consists essentially in giving lectures and conferences and organising discussions on ongoing, and new research projects, in the field of the services and information economy.
Having done systematic research on (informational) business services, for several years, I have suggested that " current economic concepts and theories, which have been developed mainly with reference to | industrial, essentially material, activities are not relevant for service, domainantly non-material, activities, more particularly for informational business services " See Jacques De Bandt Business Services: Markets and Transactions, Review of Industrial Organization, ll 19-23 1996: this recent article represents the best reference I can give of the content of the central themes of the proposed teaching: a Copy is annexed. The main topics on which lecture are proposed are the following: - What are service activities, and their specificities ? - The way (informational business) service are actually but should be handled in economic theory: more particularly as concerns i. market mechanisms and competition, ii. transaction costs, iii. production and 2 productivity - Some major dimensions or aspects of the information economy : i. information as a major dimension of production activities ii. new skill and competence, and thus training requirements; iii. organisational learning and knowledge engineering.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The main objective is to train both students and young researchers (the ways for approaching the new realities) . Seminars will also be organized with staff members (on the implications for industrial organization theories).
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
At least two meetings will be organized with the participation of service firms (on co-production processes, obligations and responsibilities).INDEG is a joint Business-University affiliate.


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