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Ignition and combustion of dense fuel kernels in an oxidising flow


Title: Ignition and combustion of dense fuel kernels in an oxidising flow. The project addresses the ignition and combustion of an initially spherical dense fuel kernel in motion relative to a hot oxidising gas. The problem is important in many practical applications, as in diesel engines and rocket motors. The main objectives are the determination of the combustion rate, the understanding of the development of ignition around the moving kernel and the study of the established diffusion flame. The techniques to be used will be numerical, as well as analytical (asymptotics). Two steps
will be considered: -first an important simplification will be introduced, assuming an infinitely fast reaction. In this case the situation will differ from a pure mixing one by the presence of two additional parameters accounting for heat release and the stoichiometry of the reaction. -second a finite-rate reaction will be adopted, allowing for the study of the ignition phase, and the actual structure of the diffusion flame.


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