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Behavior and fate of dissolved, colloidal and particulate matter in the alboran sea. Physical and chemical characterization


Research objectives and content
This project will examine the three states of the matter (dissolved, colloidal and particulate) collected simultaneously from the different water masses (Atlantic fresher water at surface and saltier Mediterranean waters at depth) of the Alboran Sea. The specific objectives are: - to characterize dissolved, colloidal and particulate matter in term of size distribution, mineralogy, morphology, chemical composition; - to evaluate the role of colloids and particles in the fixation of organic and inorganic pollutants as a function of their nature; - to evaluate the effect of physical and chemical parameters of the water on the morphology and the chemical nature of particles or colloids.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The mixing of water masses in the Alboran Sea is a very complex problem. The knowledge of dissolved, colloidal and particulate matter in the different water masses is necessary to deduce the matter's origine and its mains transport pathways, to better understand the circulation of water masses and to provide evidence about the possible exchanges between the water masses.
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