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Re-use of military areas


The aim is to make research about the re-use of military areas, specifically about closed military bases and their impact on local and regional economy. The main emphasis is in Germany, but also general information will be gathered from other parts of Europe. The amount of post-Cold War base closures in the World total in 1996 8,000 bases. Theoretical framework comes from industrial restructuring that has many similarities with base closure. It is understood that the localities - small or larger towns - are connected to the World economy and post-Cold War geopolities that significantly matte to their development making the bases to close, but there are local possibilities to turn this decline into possibilities and strength. Here is analysed the effects of base closure, strategies for the re-use and the outcomes with specific empirical ease from Germany (Zweibrueken Air Base,Kaiserslauten and Brandenburg region). These will be compared with other eases from Eastern Europe. An important question is the plannig method, and the techniques, in the conversion and how environmental problems are solved. This information can be useful in another countries, since Germany is the country where re-use is in the most advanced phase. A small detail will be the analysis of the discourses regarding the problems and possibilities of the re-use.
Modern computer cartography and spatial analysis (GIS) will be used in the presentation of the study results. It allows also the easy adaptation of different strategies when the visual outcomes of the re-use can be printed regarding the alternatives.
The outcomes of the research will be published is the form of small articles in international magazines of geography and peace research. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The grant holder will be trained to use modern technical equipments regarding spatial and territorial analysis and their cartographic methods, for example, GIS (geographical information systems), 3-D cartographic programs. The location makes possible to make empirical research easily. The grant holder improves his German and French knowledge.
This knowledge allows grant holder to teach and make research with these methods in his home country and pass the information acquired. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) Enterprises linked with re-use of military areas will be interested in the results of an academic research about the topic, also some suggestions about how the re-use could be done and with what kind of components.

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