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Research objectives and content
The main objective is to proof feasibility and economical convenience to recycle the waste polycondensates and convert them into Microfibrillar Composites. Blends of waste Poly ethylene terephthalate (PET) and Polyamide 6 (PA 6) will be treated in a vacuum oven to increase their molecular weight by solid state condensation reactions. Then they will be extruded into wire shape with high shear rate and draw ratio values in order to get high molecular orientation. By re-processing at a temperature level above the PA 6, but below the PET melting point, a PET microfibrillar reinforcement structure in a PA 6-matrix, giving high mechanical performance, is expected. In particular, granules produced from these blends will be injection molded into test geometries, in order to verify certain property improvements, such as higher fracture toughness and wear resistance than short glass fiber reinforced PA 6.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The presence on the project of other partners, from both industry and University worlds, will provide a strong training into an international environment with benefit either on technical knowledge in the field of Polymer materials either on professional development towards an industrial ambit. In particular the research work will provide to the applicant new knowledge on polymers` chemistry, polymers processing technical and on quality testing in the field of mechanical properties. Besides the benefits connected with the research activity, the possibility to lengthen the collaboration with IVW in order to get a PH.D. degree has to be noted. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
In this project the "Engineering Plastic - Company" of Sofia is interested in an industrial scale-up of the process. If the quality tests will give encouraging results, the economical convenience and eventually a planning of the entire process scale-up will be discussed and analysed in collaboration with that company. They will also collaborate in the execution of the project mainly for the processing steps. Some polymer-producing companies in Campania (Italy) could be also interested.


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