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Synthesis, mesomorphism and processability of oligomeric metal-containing liquid crystals


Research objectives and content
The liquid crystal group at the INFM research unit of Cosenza has successfully been developing strategies to incorporate transition metal centres into liquid-crystalline materials. Important results have be achieved in the synthesis of chiral and achiral low molecular mass complexes and ionic macrocyclic complexes. A natural extension of the work is to move to oligomeric or polymeric liquid-crystalling systems which can be regarded as a combination of the best aspects of metallomesogens and polymers.
A strategy is proposed to synthesise new mesogenic metal complexes containing azo and/or hydroxyquinoline groups able to act as co-monomers in polycondensation reactions. The monomers will 1 reacted to obtain liquid-crystalline oligomers and the inclusion of photoluminescent metal centres will 1 contemplated. For many electronic applications, highly ordered thin layers are requested and therefore processability is an important requirement. In this respect, attempts to obtain thin films of these materials using the high vacuum deposition technique will be made. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The proposed research is of importance in the development of the chemistry and technological applications of metal-containing liquid crystals and in the preparation of new materials with properties such as no linearity, photo refractivity and electroluminescence.
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Istituto Nazionale per la Fisica della Materia
Arcavacata Di Rende
87036 Cosenza

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