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B physics and cp violation


The main purpose of this project is to reach a better understanding of the B-meson physics, in particular, in connection with those aspects related to the possible observations of CP violation. At this moment, the B-meson phenomenology represents a field of special interest, in view of the construction of the B-factories of SLAC (Stanford, USA) and KEK (Japan), and the design of new experiments at the existing machines. The theoretical study of the B decays can provide an essential hint towards the explanation of-the origin of CP violation. Indeed, the presence of new CP-odd observables can lead to obtain clean information about the quark-mixing angles within the Standard Model (SM), as well as to identify signals of new physics beyond it. The core of this proposal is the study of possible measurable CP-odd decay channels, and the related phenomenology involved within the SM and different extended schemes. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This fellowship would represent an inestimable opportunity to develope experience abroad and contact people. The wide experience of the host group in the fields related to this project clearly ensures the possibility of training in the relevant phenomenological analysis and calculation techniques. As a main objective, I expect to develope a research line of my own, to be followed in the future.
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