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Methodologie pour l'elaboration d'un systeme d'information geographique littoral - trait de cote, plages, dunes de Heel, Andalousie, Espagne


This project deals with the development of a Geographical information System (GIS) for assessing and monitoring dynamics and coastal processes along the Huelva coast (Spain), in order to assist coastal zone management policies. Previous works carried out have shown the high sensivity of the pilot area in terms of natural risks and human impacts.
The methodology is focused on three main aspects : (i) surveying of accurate topographic data in beaches and foredune, using a set of complementary tools and sources (GPS, Total Station
photogrametric and satellite data). (ii) integration of this topographic data along with human activities es (tourism resort, land use) within a GIS. Spatial analyses allows to evaluate coastal processes (rates of coastline retreat, sedimentary
budget) as well as mapping areas at risks (flooding and erosion). The results of these previous analyses will be used to provide suggestions or guidelines to be implemented in the pilot area, taking in account the transnational effect on the near coast of Algarve (Portugal).

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Universidad de Sevilla
S/n,maria de padilla
41004 Sevilla

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