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Www-based hypertexts for on-line scientific discussion and publication


The aim of the project is to evaluate and develop new tools for scientific discussion and hypertext publication on the World-Wide Web. Such tools would facilitate 'remote' scientific cooperation among scientists based in different EU institutions.
The project takes its steps from LAYERS, a pilot project on WWW hyperte publication in formal linguistics (URL roberto/layers/intro.html) which incorporates several new features (e.g. active references, data-analysis separation, maps, page-oriented feedback). The TMR project would study (a) the effectiveness of these features; (b) their perception in the scientific community; (c) possible extensions using JAVA and Dynamic Hypertexts; (d) WWW uses through five main stages of development of a scientific project; (e) the transfer of hypertext methodologies across different scientific disciplines (issues in coding and copyright, HTML tag standardization).

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Adam Ferguson Building, 40 George Square
EH8 9LL Edinburgh
United Kingdom

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