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Dynamics of crustal deformation induced by magma flow and accumulation


Research objectives and content
This project will investigate the dynamics of crustal deformation induced by magmatic activity using analogue experiments and field data. Deformation is dominantly elastic responses and slip along faults, with possibly ductile flow in the hotter lower crust. Experiments employing analogue materials will provide a direct view of deformation dynamics of the whole system, allowing an assessment of the character and interaction of all style of deformation. Liquids will be injected into crustal analogue mediums under a variety of imposed condition. The experimental materials' properties will be varied to concentrate on individual physical aspects and to be accurately scaled to geological materials. Field studies will assess subsurface deformations around exposed intrusions, and present day activity by considering surface deformations, geophysical data and the relationship with eruptive vents. The experimental and field results will lead to the development of well-posed geological models of the crustal response to the movement of magma; providing accurate predictions of both the crustal deformation response and the associated magmatic flow dynamics and eruption potential.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Training in experimental methods and field observation, combined with the analysis of data collected, in addition to training in theoretical and modelling aspects, will profoundly extend and deepen the researcher's scientific knowledge.
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Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
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