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Development of a microfiltration process for continuous filtration of biologically treated urban wastewater


The University La Laguna has been recently involved in an important project partially funded by the local authorities whose aim is related to the agricultural reutilization of urban waste water.
Since the beginning of the project, a tight cooperation was engaged with University Montpellier II in the field of tertiary microfiltration through an inorganic membrane which is a very efficient process to obtain water of high quality but hampered by the fouling. A young Spanish scientist is actually investigating a mass transfer intensification by original hydrodynamic techniques aiming to obtain a doctorate degree under the supervision of Professor Delgado and myself.
A lot of experimental data are being obtained which should be interpreted with my help. It is then thought that my stay at La Laguna is absolutely required.
Besides this project, I will help to develop a research in the field of water and wastewater treatment which is one of the highest priority of the host institution.


Universidad de La Laguna
S/n,avenida Astrofisico Francisco Sánchez
38200 La Laguna

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