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Content archived on 2024-05-14

Solid sample introduction systems in icp-ms - microwave sample pretreatment and nebulization versus laser ablation


The aims of this Research Project are:
1.- To compare two ways of solid sample introduction in ICP-MS, i.e. solid dissolution and further nebulization versus laser ablation. 2.- To evaluate, for the first time, a new mtcrowave thermal nebulizer, which has been designed in our laboratories, as a simultaneous system for sample digestion and nebulization.
3.- To suppress (or to reduce) the interferent effects of the acids in ICP-MS. To achieve this purpose, we shall try to study the influence of a conventional desolvation system on the analytical behaviour of an ICP-MS instrument when using the MWTN. The experiments will be performed by characterizing the drop size distributions of tertiary aerosols, solvent and analyte transport rates and ionic intensities.
4.- To determine for each kind of sample the maximum particle size which is fully atomized, when using laser ablation. In this case, the particles will be classified in different size groups and each group will be separated prior to be introduced in the ICP-MS instrument. The amount of analyte contained in each group of particles will be determined. Therefore, the relationship between the analytical signal and the analyte transport rate will allow us to know whether the atomization efficiency of the plasma has worsened or not as the size of the particles is increased. Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact)
The training objective would deal with a more complete understanding of the process that take place when the "solid aerosol" is generated by laser ablation and when this aerosol interacts with the plasma. The applicant is not familiar with techniques like Laser Ablation and ICP-MS. Therefore, this project would permit him to achieve a better knowledge about this techniques.
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