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Anisotropic deformation of nickel based superalloys modelling and validation


Research objectives and content
The project is to expand and finish the assessment of an existing modelling program of the mechanical anisotropic behaviour of nickel based single crystal superalloys under creep.
Expansion of the use of the model concerns the type of simulated tests (work already started) and targets the simulation of constant strain rate tests. That point needs now complementary validations and will be extended taking temperature as another parameter. The expansion of the model will laso include adaptation to another alloy.
Two versions of the current program exist: one for UNIX systems in C language, one in PASCAL for PC. A choice will be made in which one is the best to be adapted for further work.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The final aim is to create a basis for engineering design that can be included in a finite element approach in the future.
This post doctoral period will help me to deepen my knowledge in superalloys, will make me acquainted with modelling the mechanical behaviour of materials. I will learn the Electron Back Scaterring Diffraction technique and will reinforce my knowledge on UNIX, and on C and PASCAL language.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
DRA and EGT are the industrial partners, they are largely involved in this proposal. Regular contacts will occur with both. Some experimental tests will be regularly performed by DRA.


Royal School Of Mines, Prince Consort Road
SW7 2BP London
United Kingdom