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Local characterisation of configuration space with applications to simulation of complex systems, computer graphics and computer aided design


Research objectives and content
The main goal of the present research plain is to gain a deeper inside several theoretical and practical aspects related to the Path Planning problem in robotics. In particular, a new local characterisation of configuration space that has an interesting combinatorial interpretation in terms of Oriented Matroids will be explored. To date many approaches have been proposed to solve the Path Planning problem in. but. in general, they are not complete or only complete at a particular resolution level. The use of Oriented Matroids as an analysis tool for this problem allows to explore its underlying combinatorial aspects avoiding a rapid algebraization that represents the main drawback of many methods, permitting the development of complete algorithms without relying on a user-defined resolution. The results will be developed will be applied to three differents non robotics fields: Simulation of Complex Systems, Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design..
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The goal of this project is to obtain a complete and computationally efficient solution for the path planning problem in. This | problem has been intensively studied but, to date, a complete and efficient solution has not been achieved. Moreover, the described approach implicate to deepen the knowledge of several scientific areas and has possible applications to a number of technological fields.
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Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


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