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Strategies and self-regulation in children's reading comprehension


Research objectives and content
The aim of this research is to explore the range of strategies for reading comprehension that are available to children in the age range 7-11 years. In particular, the relation between strategy use and reading comprehension skill, and the effectiveness of strategy training will be explored. An innovative aspect of the research will be the use of new (on-line) measures of children's strategy use during reading. This will also be the first extensive study of strategy use in children who have a specific comprehension problem.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The proposed research will be conducted at the University of Sussex, which is a European centre of excellence for research into children's reading comprehension. Dr Oakhill, my proposed supervisor, is an internationally respected researcher, and the department at Sussex had a large postgraduate population and a well-organised doctoral training programme which is recognised by the Economic and Social Research Council (UK). The training will have two main components: participation (during the first year) in courses common to all postgraduate researchers, and regular meetings to discuss the progress of the specific research both with my supervisor and the research group more generally.


BN1 9QG Brighton / Falmer
United Kingdom

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