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Knowledge of the traffic loads and actions on steel orthotropic deck bridges and application for fatigue studies


The main objectives of this proposed research contract are - to establish the effect of traffic loads on steel orthotropic bridge decks, - to identify axle and truck loads from measured strains, - to recalibrate and check conventional fatigue loads specified in Eurocode 1, Part 3 "Traffic Loads on road Bridges", To facilitate the development of the Eurocode for Bridge Loading, considerable research was carried out in 1986-89 and 1990 l993 sponsored by the European Commission (DGXII and the European Community for Steel and Coal). Fatigue was considered in particular and the loading which should be specified to ensure safe designs of steel bridges derived. However, a fundamental problem with this research was the lack of combined load and response data, i.e. it was possible to monitors axle and gross vehicle weights on typical roads and to monitor strains induced in typical bridges but it was not possible to relate one to the other. The objective of this project is to monitor at the same time the traffic loads on orthotropic steel bridges and the strains induced by them.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) I have worked in the field of Bridge Weigh-in-Motion at Trinity College Dublin during his pre-doctoral studies and has gained considerable experience in this field. It would be of great benefit for him to follow this with training in an application of that technology. This will serve to broaden his perspective and to complement his existing experience with knowledge in a different but related field. Expertise in Steel Bridges is severely limited in Ireland and it will be of considerable benefit to be exposed to French expertise in this important form of construction.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) While this project is not specifically supported by industry, the industrial relevance is significant and clear. There will be an immediate reduction in the cost of bridge construction and maintenance with can be promptly implemented by means of changes in the draft Eurocode.

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