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International trade, economic geography and multinational firms


The aim of the research being outlined in this proposal is to investigate how the presence of multinational firms in models of international trade can impact upon patterns of trade and specialisation in integrating regions. The research will do this by building on existing work in trade and imperfect competition. There are two components of the research project. The first is to develop theoretical models of international trade which allow for multinationality and which focus on issues of economic geography. The second is to extend existing computable general equilibrium models to allow for the existence of multinational firms.
The training content will be to increase both my general knowledge and abilities as an economist, an a secondly to increase my skills in my area of expertise.
The applied part of the proposal has a direct link to industry by being concerned with analysing changes in specific manufacturing sectors.

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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
Rue De La Charité 2
13002 Marseille

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