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Synthesis of chiral and non racemic perfluoro cis-2,3-dialkyloxaziridines


Research objectives and content
Perfluoro cis -2,3- dialkyloxaziridines showed high efficiency for several oxidation reactions. Their use afford good yield, high chemo-,site-, regio- and stereoselectivites .
It would be very interesting to make available oxaziridine in optically active form, due to their specific reactivity and their belonging to a new class of unknown compounds.
New methods for asymmetric synthesis of perfluoro oxaziridines will be studied, starting from azaalkenes and (e.g (+)-monopercamphoric acid) or different chiral peracid. Effect of the oxidizing agent on the chemical and optical yield will be established.
The mechanism between substract and oxaziridines will be investigated, this research will use the kinetic resolution of oxaziridines. The optical purity of resolved oxaziridines will be determined; Normal methods in this case are inaccurate. Development of new method of resolution will be pursued, we have to use a double kinetic resolution with a known optical purity compound.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
This is a research project in a new field in organic chemistry: "CHIRAL AND NON RACEMIC PERFLUORO cis-2,3- DIALKYLOXAZIRIDINES". I will obtain new knowledge in fluorochemistry and optical purity resolution and improve my former organic synthesis ability.
No real links with industry but possibilities of technology transfer are possible. (Exxon, 3M, Dupont DeNemours)
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