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Synthesis and reactivity of double-bond functionalized, comb-like polyolefins by metallocene-catalyzed homo- and copolymerization reactions of dienes


The original objective of this project has been thc synthesis of tailor-made branched copolymer architectures, which can be converted to functionalized, polar copolymers starting from dienes as comonomers. Successful preliminary copolymerization experiments have already been performed with the diene isocitronellene to obtain the corresponding homo- and copolymers (copolymerization with propylene). By variation of monomer and comonomer concentrations as well as by tailoring of the metallocene structure, both the amount and the distribution of incorporated comonomer as wells as the desired stcreochemistry of the main chain can be controlled. The double bonds of the copolymer branches can be converted to hydroxyl, epoxide or amino groups, which can be used to attach other endfunctionalized polymers. The olefinic functionalities of the branches can also be reacted with l(CF2)5CF3 to obtain polymers with perfluorinated side-arms. The resulting comb-like block copolymers will be studied regarding their function as phase compatibilizers or surface active compounds.


Albert Einstein Allee 11
89069 Ulm

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