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Quark confinement and the hadron spectrum


Research objectives and content My research activity has been till now performed mainly in QCD and in particular in nonperturbative effects and bound states in QCD. Recently we have obtained some interesting results that allow us to gain some insight in the strong interaction and in the confinement mechanism. In particular working in the Wilson loop context and using a modification of the Wilson area law to estimate the long range dynamical content, we have obtained the complete quark antiquark potential at the 1:m order from QCD. Moreover we established a connection between the Wilson loop approach |and dual QCD and we have obtained the relativistic generalization of the result in the form of a Bethe Salpeter equation with a confinement Kernel. Recently we have also used our general expression for the semirelativistic interaction to investigate the relation between dual QCD and the Stochastic Vacuum model and to work out the peculiarity of the nonperturbative contributions in the two models. My present project of research has two main objectives: to develop phenomenological applications of the results obtained and to improve the results from the theoretical point of view. The first objective needs a good knowledge of relativistic equations technique and of phenomenology , while for the second one the main points to take into account are: evaluation and inclusion of quark pair creation effects and explicit consideration of chiral symmetry breaking effects in the formalism we have already developped; study of the role of the monopole configurations and the connection of dual theory with regular OCD.
Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact)
It is clear from my research program that my research activity can be strongly and positively affected by the interaction with Wien researchers. With some of them I have already started collaboration (Lucha; SChoeberl; Faber ) while I think it could be really an asset for my research work to have the possibility of interacting with some other Wien researchers ( e. g. Ecker, Markum, Kummer ) . The objective is to achieve a better understanding of strong interaction and confinement mechanism.


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