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Cell-cycle and plant developmental regulation of arabidopsis thaliana cyc1at gene


Progression through the cell cycle requires the temporal regulation of cyclin gene expression and cyclin protein turnover. 'of the best characterized examples of this regulation is seen for the mitotic cyclins. These cyclins and their catalytic part cdk, have been shown to mediate the entry into and maintenance of mitosis. The Arabidopsis thaliana cyclAt cyclin gene expressed in G2 phase. To understand the molecular basis for transcriptional regulation of the cyclAt gene, we will cons promoter deletion and fuse them to the gus reporter gene. These constructs will be introduced into Arabidopsis cell suspension and Arabidopsis plant. We will determine the major cis elements and DNA-binding factors responsible for induction cyclAt gene transcription in response to a variety of plant growth factors. Study of the cyclAt promoter activation transformed plants and cell suspension may help to uncover the mechanisms that coordinate the rates of cell division developmental controls.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The purpose of this proposal is to determine the factors responsible for the regulation of the cyclAt promoter in order to provide new insights on the cell cycle regulation in plant and to improve productivity through the modification of plant development. This requested training will allow me to practise new and powerful techniques at the host institution.

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