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Fabrication and theoretical analysis of novel metal-insulator-semiconductor gas sensors for hydrogen detection


The application of conventional MIS sensors with SiO2 as the insulating layer are limited due to inherent problems in reproducing an ultra-thin (less than 50 AA oxide layer on a batch to batch basis. This problem has been circumvented by the use of Langmuir-Blodgett organic thin films of accurately controlled thickness and uniformity. Numerous hydrogen sensitive Pd-LB-Si tunnel diodes have already been fabricated within the host laboratory (and by this applicant) and they have proved to be highly sensitive, reproducible, and stable at elevated temperatures. The applicant will have two main roles in this project. He will carry out: 1. Further development of theoretical models to describe the operation of gas sensitive MIS LB insulator tunnel diodes
2. Fabrication of gas sensitive MISS switching diodes using LB films as insulating layer
MISS devices incorporating LB insulator layers have not been studied before and should prove highly beneficial to both the study of gas sensors and molecular/electronic components in general.


University of Limerick
The National Technological Park
61 Limerick

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