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Conception and realization of lasers system stabilizations for large scale interferometric gravitational wave detectors


The goal of the VIRGO project is the detection of gravitational radiation with a large base interferometric detector.
In order to reach the expected sensitivity, the laser of the interferometer has to be stabilized in frequency and in amplitude. In particular the level of frequency stabilization need very stable references, and is obtained with a two stage system: in the first we compare the laser frequency with the resonance frequency of an ultrastable Fabry-Perot cavity, and in the final stage we compare the laser frequency with the resonance frequency of the long Fabry-Perot arms.
My present application concerns the still open subject of the study and realization of the final step of stabilization, in particular: - The understanding of interactions of this step with the previous stabilizations system of the laser and the interactions with the interferometer "locking".
- The realization of an experiment to test this stabilization system, in which the interferometer is simulated by a small Fabry-Perot cavity or a small interferometer.
- The test of the whole laser system in Orsay, and then on VIRGO site (Italy) in 1998.
This R&D has interactions with the British-Germany interferometric gravitational detector GEO, and with the french company BMI, which participate at the laser construction.
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