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Targeting of retrovirus gene delivery


Gene therapies have potential applications in most areas of human medicine. Retroviral vectors are one of the most advanced and promising systems to deliver therapeutic genes, but problems associated with the efficiency, accuracy and safety of gene delivery must be improved. One such improvement would be targeting the delivery systems, bearing the therapeutic genes to the desired cell types. This research proposes to produce efficient and target-specific retroviral vectors. The objective of this project is to produce target-specific, high-titre retroviral vectors that makes in vivo gene therapy feasible. The project will examine the possibility that incorporation of particular ligands into the envelope glycoproteins can deliver therapeutic genes into specific target cells. The ligands will include single chain antibodies and/or peptide growth hormones in order to target ovarian carcinomas and the angiogenesis associated with expansion of the tumour mass. Simultaneously novel human cell lines which produce high titre, complement resistant retroviral vectors will be developed. Considerable aspects of this project will be undertaken in collaboration with the Glaxo Wellcome pharmaceutical company.


Institute of Cancer Research
Royal Cancer Hospital 237 Fulham Road
SW3 6JB London
United Kingdom

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