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Study of dna polymorphisms in the caucasus and anatolia populations


The most credited hypotheses on the place of origin of the Indo-Europeans are two: the first one suggests that the origin could be in the region OF the Don River (Northem Caucasus) and the second one indicates as homeland of the Indo-Europeans the Anatolia Because genetic data in these two areas are very poor and completely lacking as to the direct DNA analysis, this project proposes the genetic characterization of the populations of these two regions using uniparental-inherited DNA markers. The results will be compared with those of many populations (Continental Europe, Mediterranean area, Middle East and India) already studied in the Laboratory of Prof. Santachiara Aims of this research are to assess the genetic relationships among different Caucasoids populations, to contribute to a better knowledge of the Y-chromosome genome variations and to try to infer, from biological data, the place of origin of the Indo-Europeans. - Training in molecular genetics techniques such as DNA extractions, Southern blotting, purification of plasmid DNA, agarose and polyacryalamide gel electrophoresis, preparation and radiolabeling of DNA probes, PCR and MVR-PCR, molecular cloning and sequencing.
- Training in the elaboration and interpretation of data in the field of Human and Population Genetics and Anthropology. - The benefit of this training would be the chance to apply the acquired technical/scientific knowledges in the country I come from (Spain).


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