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Wetting and surface phenomena in type-i superconductors


The objective of this project is to extend the recent work of Indekeu et al. on the delocalization transition in type-I superconductors with surface enhancement. Particular issues we intend to address are: (1) Analysis of systems in which the surface-to-volume ratio is important reveals the H-T phase boundary for the onset of superconductivity is controlled by the size/shape characteristics of the sample. We shall extend this analysis, which has considered only superconducting/vacuum interfaces, to the more general case of interfaces with surface enhancement.
(2) We shall apply the framework of line tension calculations to the case of type-I superconductors and analyse the singularities of the line tension at the first-order delocalization transitions found in these systems.
(3) We intend to consider the possibility of nucleation and associated singularities related to the presence of surface spinodals in the case of type-I superconductors with surface enhancement.

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