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Reactive and inelastic process in the gas-phase at ultra-low temperatures


Research objectives and content
The main aim is to measure rate coefficients for both reactive and inelastic processes in the gas phase at temperature down to 10 K. All the proposed experiments would be carried out in the ultra-low temperature environment of the CR (Cinitique de riaction en Ecoulement Supersonique Uniforme) apparatus available at the University Birmingham, using pulsed lasers to create and probe radicals or specific rovibrational states. The principal objectives at ultra-low temperatures are:
? the use of CN spectroscopy/lcinetics to commission the apparatus, and determine the product state distribution the reaction CN + 02 o NCO + O ? the determination of rate coefficients of atom-molecule reactions (involving Carbon atoms)
? the measurement of state-to-state rates of collision-induced energy transfer between selected rovibrational states of simple molecules (initially NO, C2H2).
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Our aim is to provide an extensive kinetic data base for the models of astrophysical environments such interstellar clouds. The completion of this task will play a major part in understanding the origin and evolution the solar system, especially of planetary atmospheres.
An other significant interest is to test current theories of reaction kinetics/dynamics and energy transfer.
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