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New mixed metal oxides containing rhodium at high oxidation states - iii, iv v and vi - preparation and characterization


New oxides containing rhodium at high oxidation states (III. IV, V or VI) could exhibit new specific properties (e.g. in heterogeneous catalysis). Successful stabilisation of the mentioned oxidation states can be expected by means of high pressure, especially of high oxygen-pressure The only institution in Europe that has developed good control of this parameter is the ICMCB (the former Laboratoire de Chimie du Solide du CNRS at Bordeaux)
The objective of theoxygenated proposal is to correlate the physico-chemical properties of rhodium in oxygenated lattices with the . bonding force of Rhn+4 as a function of the oxidation number n. The proposed programme comprises preparation of new mixed oxides of rhodium with simple crystallographic structures optimization of the reaction conditions, characterization of rhodium (oxidation state, bonding characteristics electronic configuration) and of the oxygenated lattice (crystal structure , magnetic. electronic and optical properties Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact) The preparation and investigation of materials under high pressure is new to the candidate. He will benefit from the high level of knowledge at ICMCB. It is expected. that afterwards he will be able to implement and apply the methods in any other institution.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) New oxides of rhodium could exhibit enhanced activity in several catalytic applications (e.g. automotive exhaust purification) or new electronic properties.

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