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Inward investment attraction. Comparative assessment of planning strategies - Madrid and Bilbao


Research objectives and content
Following the path initiated in Stirling University and taking into account the new regional planning backdrops, the research project will compare recent planning implemented in Bilbao and Madrid, linked to the aim of counteracting the declining economic climate. Particular attention will be paid to different degrees of private sector's involvement. Employment creation and community Participation will also be specifically analysed in regard to the strategies' social repercussions.
The research will focus upon the comparison of planning practices trying to attract inward investment. A typology explicitly constructed for this purpose, will look at different levels and features of the private sector intervention in the context of both, new and planned territorial projects. From the maximum freedom of private action, to the more public controlled, the following aspects will be researched:
* Public/private share of investment
* Embeddedness of the private sector within the area
* Balance between profitable and non profitable land uses
* Attention to social outcomes (particularly employment creation) * Community participation and involvement
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
While upgrading the research about Bilbao (which I am currently carrying out), the study will be entirely innovative in Madrid and should have broader relevance to other Spanish areas. Using the tools related to comparative analysis learned at Stirling University, the research will provide a clear picture of the pattern of the interaction between public and private actors within the territorial realms of Bilbao and Madrid. Their social repercussions will also be explored. In this sense, the project could become a useful tool for decision-makers and professionals involved in planning issues as well as for communities affected by the implementation of territorial projects.
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Funding Scheme

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Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
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