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Fabrication of doped ybco monoliths by a bridgman method


Research objectives and content
The objective of this post doc research prograrn is to develop a modifi Bridgman process applied to YBCO high temperature superconducting materials, in order to synthesize long shape textured monoliths devoted to current leads applications. Another objective is to enlarge the diameter of the samples presently available in order to produce pellets cutted out from long rods for levitation applications. One innovative idea which can be developed by Dr Sotelo is the combination of the seeding and Brigman techniques to extend the textured domain to the whole sample and thus to reduce the misoriented part of the sample. The benefit of this process is to obtain large production of lots of pellets with strictly similar properties.
For this purpose, from the material which will be at his disposal, the applicant will have to make the precursor synthesis, the sintering and texturing of long bar samples, then microstructural observations will be performed and finally, he will make the superconducting properties measurements.
The applicant will belong to th ceramics team (8 researchers, 3 permanent positions, 1 technician). This team is closely connected with other research groups of the CRISMAT laboratory: Crystallography group, Microscopy group, new materials group and physical measurements group. The applicant will be supervised directly by a CNRS engineer.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The objective of this training course is to develop a new texturing process and to compare with other methods of texture formation which have been developed since several years in the laboratory: horizontal Bridgman top seeding, microwave texturation. By this way, the applicant will get a large knowledge on the field of crystal growth and superconducting characterisations.
Thus, training content seems particularly well adapted to his material background and will certainly rapidly lead to positive results.
Links with industry / industrial reievance (22)
The present project is on the verge of being supported by industry: a proposal for a CPR (Contrat de Programme de Recherche) is presently discussed at the CNRS on this topic (bulk superconducting materials owing large levitation forces). It involves two European Companies: Schneider and Aerospatiale.

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Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)
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