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Economic and social consequences of long-term unemployment


Research objectives and content
Long-term unemployment is one of the most important issues facing the European-Union, yet its causes and effects are not fully known. This project will aim at answering unresolved questions about the social and economic consequences of long-term unemployment, in order to draw policy conclusions at the European level.
The project will first evaluate the relationship between long-term unemployment and the social behaviour of children. Among other aspects, it will examine whether higher long-term unemployment leads to higher crime rates among children. Then, the hypothesis that the long-term unemployed are effectively out of the labour force will be assessed. For this purpose, tests of the impact of long-term unemployment on wages will be conducted. Having then evaluated the social and economic costs of long-term unemployment, the last part of the project will examine the feasibility of a new policy aiming solely at long-term unemployment: early identification of those potentially at risk of long-term unemployment.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The training will provide me with the technical skills necessary to undertake research in applied economics and to present research results. I will improve my knowledge of economics and will be up to date with recent techniques of economic analysis. These skills will enable me to work as a professional economist in a variety of fields.
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