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Rings with polynomial identities


Research objectives and content
My research is devoted to the study of Rings with Polynomial Identities,in particular of finitely generated and affine P.I. rings of finite global dimension.
In a paper of 1994, Braun and Hajarnavis have proved that an affine prime Noetherian P.I. ring of global dimension two is finitely generated over its centre.
My intention is to try to have a similar result without the Noetherian hypothesis. I expect to find the same relations on the Krull and global dimension of these rings as in the Noetherian case.
Furthermore, I am planning to consider such a problem for fully bounded Noetherian rings.
I refer to the research project for a more precise discussion on this topic.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Researching with Dr. Hajarnavis, attending seminars and talking with visiting mathematicians at the University of Warwick, will give me a thorough grounding upon which to have an academic career.
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As far as I know these subjects of mathematical research are not linked with industry or any other Community Programme or Community financed project.

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