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Housing and nestleaving. A comparison between the Netherlands and Spain


Research objectives and content
One of the outstanding features of demographic changes in Spain during the past decades is the older age at nestleaving and the higher rates of dependence towards their family of origin relative to West-North European Countries. The main reasons on this are to be found both in the labour market and family ground.
My porpouse is to explore the housing as a interest field to explain the differences in the age of leaving home by the young and the institutional forms which shapes this process.
The Netherlands has a wide, relativly-cheap, public-social housing, an extended social security system and the world's larger influence of government policies and
planning in housing and in land use.
In Spain the most part of the housing stock consists of ownership dwellings, together with a less developed welfare state and a housing policy which works mainly trhough fiscal benefits to the purchase of lodgements by families, so that can perhaps explain the longer period of family dependance.
The comparison between the two cases is highly illustrative of the different assets at the disposal of the eventual nestleaver. Training content ( objective benefit and expected impact )
The specific objective of my research consists in analyse the young's nestleaving process related to the housing acces and policies and establish a comparison between the Dutch and Spanish experiences since 1986. The Institute of Planning and Demography of the University of Amsterdam is an ideal place where I could lead my research project because it has an Doctorate Programme specialized in housing and family issues. There is already an existing relationship between the Institute and the Centre d'Estudis Demografics, trough the cooperation of Dr. A. Kuijsten and Dr. A. Cabre in a going-on Erasmus Programme. They both have accepted to be co-supervisors of my project and eventual Thesis.

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