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Fast non destructive evaluation of large structures with loss angle lockin thermography


Research objectives and content
Acoustic waves propagating in a material undergo hysteretical losses of power with consequent generation of heat (loss angle effect). Loss angle lockin thermography is able to provide images of
internal defects based on the heat generated by loss angle effect. Corroded areas, delaminations, cracks can be easly visualized. The aim of this project is to develop and test loss angle lockin thermography as a powerful non destructive evaluation technique, whose preliminary results showed to be extremly promising for rapid inspection of large surfaces. This technique has also shown to be able to reveal irnportant defects not detectable with others techniques, marking a significant progress in the field of non destructive testing.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact) The candidate will benefit from an experience in a laboratory endowed with the newest and most sophisticated techniques. Being involved in the development of this new technique will provide the candidate with a broad experience in ultrasonics, thermography, new and advanced materials, mechanics of fracture and corrosion. This experience will also put the candidate in direct contact with the research centers of industries that already showed their interest.
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) ABB has provided samples with defects not detectable with other techniques than loss angle lockin thermography and showed a great interest in the development of this new technique. Branson, an important company producing ultrasonic welding machines, has shown a greet interest and is willing to cooperate in the project. Industries like Eurocopter, MTU, and others, involved in non destructive testing of structures, showed interest in this technique. AGEMA is naturally interested in a new development involving infrared cameras.


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