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The impact of knowledge based systems on software design


Research objectives and content
Formal specifications are (arguably) the ideal Form of Software Design blueprints from which programmers can accurately.
Unfortunately, it is easy to make errors in formal
specification which are pernicious because they may not be detected by who use the formal blueprint in subsequent design and may affect the functionality of entire systems. The Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) community has always taken this problem seriously, because their domains were so fraught with uncertain information. I intent to reinterpret existing methods used by the KBS in order to detect errors and expand their usage in combination with artificial intelligence(AI) techniques to the problem of error detection in formal specifications. In particular, my research topic involves the diagnosis of logical errors in very early stage of software design as well as the detection and elimination of them at late stages.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The U. Edinburgh is recognised as an international centre of excellence for Al. The Al Department is the largest specialist centre for research in Al in Europe. The Department will offer me the opportunity to attend a wide variety of Al related modules as a supplement to my research as well as the most comprehensive Al library in Europe and state-of-the-art equipment. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22) The AI Departement shares premises with the AL Applications Institute(AlAl) which created by the Department in mid 1980's an industrial company for transformation of AI technology to marketplace. The AIAI is involved with the work of Software Systems and Processes research group which will host me as a member.

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