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Charge transfer between ions and insulator surfaces


Research objectives and content
The project aims at developing a theoretical description of the electron transfer to and from an insulator surface as atoms/ions scatter off from it. This research will focus on the role of eletron capture from eighbouring sites of the active donor site on the electron migration and on electron loss processes from an atom/ion to the surface. It addresses open questions in a field of growing importance for both a detailed understanding of the involved basic processes and for actual applications (surface analysis techniques, material modification etc).
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The primary benefit of the requested training at the LCAM is a broadening of my ability to address a wider class of problems in the important field of ion-surface interactions, which requires a high level of scientific expertise. It will also invigorate my re- integration into the European research community allowing me to apply and dissemintate the knowledge I have acquired during my research stay in the USA. The project is expected to deliver a substantial extension of the existing knowledge of charge transfer between atoms/ions and insulator surfaces resulting in a significant contribution to the construction of a wide-scope non-empirical theory of charge transfer in such systems.


Universite De Paris-sud, Bat. 351
91405 Orsay

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