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Preparation and characterization of new pillared clay materials. Catalytic and evironmental applications


Research objectives and content
Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of potential applications of new pillared-clay based materials. Study of their active surface sites and reactivity. Investigation of their catalytic and sorbent activities 1) Synthesis of pillared clay materials by intercalation of
montmorillonite and saponite with A1III, TiIV, CrIII and FeIII polycations. Obtention of microporous solids thermally stable up to 600rC, with basal spacings >18A, surface areas up to 400 m2/g and micropore volumes up to 0. mL/g.
2) Characterization of the pillared clays by Infrared and UV-visible Spectroscopy, X-Ray Diffraction, Adsorption Measurements, Thermal Analyses, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Fluorescence Spectroscopy. Determination of the adsorptive properties for the retention of Cd2+, Cu2+ and PbX+ cations.
3) Preparation of new supported Pt catalysts using the pillared clays as supports, by adsorption of PtII and PtIV precursors. Comparison of the catalytic activity of these solids with that of conventional Pt/alumina catalysts.
Training content (objective. benefit and expected impact)
Learning of the new techniques employed in leading European laboratories in the synthesis of pillared-clay based materials and in the molecular level characterization of catalytic and adsorptive materials, in order to apply them in the Clay Minerals Research Group at Salamanca University. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
Research in the Clay Minerals Group at Salamanca University is sponsored by TOLSA S.A. the biggest clay company in Spain. The host laboratory has close ties with leading chemical companies interested in the development of new catalytic materials.

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