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Simultaneous h-infinity feedback stabilization


Research objectives and content
This project deals with simultaneous feedback stabilization. Certainly, it is a very intuitive notion of robustness. Related works in this area are mentioned by Vidyasagar in his 1985 book. However, these outlined results have been restricted to the case of Hurwitz stability, where, unfortunately, the objectives of performance have not been taken into account In the H-inf nity control theory, the objectives offeedback robustness design are stated in terms of minimization of sensitivity and captured by constructing a generalized plant. Non-standard H-inf nity problems such as the minimization of two separated objective functions, can be viewed as a simultaneous H-inf nity stabilization of two generalized plants. However, this very important class of problems remains still untouched This fact should come from the mathematical weakness of the standard H-infinity theory (the 2-Riccati state-space equations approachJ. Nonetheless, the previous problem should be overcome by the new developments in the theory of linear matrix inequalities (L.M.I). The outcome of the project would allow.
-to remove the conservatism (within a factor ;) in the H-inf nity mixed sensitivity problem. It would permit to cope with large plant uncertainty or to deal with some special problems involving a reference model. -a better initialization of the mu-synthesis procedure in the unstructured uncertainty case. rraining content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
-To improve my knowledg in the robust controlf eld in a group (Dept. of Engineering, University of Leicester) internationally renowned for its theoretical contributions in robust multivariable control and the application of advanced control engineering systems.
-To get new work methods. It would permit to bring closer together the host institution and the laboratory where I come from. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The host research laboratory (Dept. of Engineering, University of Leicester) has significant applications with industry e.g.: helicopter control, integratedflight and propulsion control of aircraft, aero engine control, etc...
Simultaneous H-infinity stabilization presents a great interest in advanced control engineering systems. Moreover, the aim of my project is to overcome some shortcomings of the llinfinity control theory which is strongly involved in advanced industrial projects.

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