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Development of new clean epoxidation methods


Research objectives and content
The general target is the development of new clean epoxidation methods which can supply the needs for improvements in epoxide synthesis. Generally, these needs concern cleaner, more selective epoxidation methods with preferably heterogeneous recyclable catalysts, and with safe, cheap and preferably regenerable oxidants. Three main targets are defined: - development of heterogeneous (a)chiral peroxyacids - development of supported metal complexes - solid base catalysed synthesis of epoxides Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
- continuation of my scientific career in epoxide chemistry - training in the use of modern techniques - collaboration with chemical engineers and industrial chemists The benefit will be that I become a specialist in clean technology "in general" and a specialist in epoxide chemistry "in particular".
Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
Epoxides are very important key substances for the industrial synthesis of many intermediates and products. Chiral epoxides currently one of the most important compounds for introducing
| asymmetry in various (industrial) chemical products (e.g. pharmaceuticals). This project contributes to the improvement of the competitive position of Community's chemical industry.

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