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Investigations of higher-dimensional extended objects in superstring theory


Research objectives and content
Over the past few years new exciting avenues within the field of superstring theory have opened up, thus putting non-perturbative aspects in focus. In the new picture that is emerging higher-dimensional extended objects, commonly referred to as p-branes, have turned out to be of crucial importance. The study of these objects is today an essential part of the quest for a unified theory of all interactions.
It is the objective of the present project to continue investigations concerning the properties of supersymmetric p-branes and their roles in a fundamental theory. More specifically, building on recent progress, we wish to study supersymmetric Dirichlet p-branes (Dp-branes or D-branes, for short). One of the most compelling unanswered questions in this area today concerns the formulation of the dynamics of multiple parallel D-branes, an issue which appears to have interesting connections with non-commutative geometry. Other issues worth mentioning in this context include symmetries and anomalies as well as duality aspects.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


University of Cambridge
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