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Magnetism and superconductivity - helping towards their understanding through low temperature and high pressure single crystal x-ray diffraction


Research objectives and content
The synthesis and characterization of molecular solids which exhibit cooperative interactions is of great scientific concern due to their potential exploitable properties. This project aims to the accurate characterization of the molecular and solid state structure of two series of materials showing magnetic/superconducting phase transitions in the temperature range 10-60K and to relate these to their physical and chemical properties. In general, this kind of studies are performed above the transition temperatures. It is proposed here to conduct this research above and below Tc, using a unique laboratory based X-Ray facility, the only one in UK and one of the 5/6 available in the world. New compounds in the series will be screened by routine structure analysis and magnetic and conductivity measurements will be used to identify the best candidates for further variable temperature structural work. Simultaneously to this main work, the technic of X-Ray diffraction on single crystals at high pressure will be developped and tested to go towards routine experiments. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The training will be excellent given the experience of the host laboratory and the nature of the experiments. I will gained scientific knowledge from the realization of this project but also human and international experience; the whole appears essential in the development of my research career. The host laboratory will benefit also of my experience to initiate a new way of investigation (High pressure diffraction). Moreover, this project creates a link between two fields of research (electrical behaviour and magnetism) that will forms the basis of my research project in my future host team in France, after the realization of this work.

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University of Durham
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United Kingdom

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