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Effect of heat treatment on the properties of activated carbon


Research objectives and content
A large number of incidents due to auto-ignition happened in the last years during operation of acti vated carbon (AC) adsorbers. As these incidents may cause high expenses and mean a great threat to mankind because already adsorbed toxic substances as well as combustion products may be re leased to the environment, the industry encouraged an o investigation of the auto-ignition depending on the previous treatment of the ACs (productio storage, regeneration, ...) and the o measurement of effective heat conduction coefficients of ACs.
In order to meet the targetMthe project will cover measurements of the reactivity of AC made of dif- ferent raw materials after different heat treatment and at various storage conditions,>as well as th measurement of heat conduction coefficients of these ACs. Additionally computer simulations wil be carried out in order to investigate the influence of the change of reactivity and/or heat conductiv ity on the auto-ignition tendency of beds of ACs.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
o Safe plant operation: Determination of safety relevant properties, connection between reactivity and treatment of activated carbons (AC), plant safety analysis based on properties of ACs and of the apparatus as well as on the operational conditions. o Mathematical modelling and computation methods: Use of the latest techniques and software. Both represent an optimal completation of the present tasks of the host institute.
; with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The topics to be investigated came from industry The project is connected to QUESTOR which was founded by industry and Queens University Belfast The host institution has ongoing industrial collaboration on activated carbons via QUESTOR.

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