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Orientational dynamics of liquid crystals studied with light


Research objectives and content
The project combines the study of microscopic dynamics and microscopic dynamics of liquid crystals. Microscopic (molecular) dynamics will be studied with renowned (ultra-fast time-domain) techniques like Transient optical Kerr and Fluorescent depolarisation decay. The experiments will focus on biaxial smectic liquid crystal states. Multiple scattering of light will be developed as a new way to study macroscopic dynamics of liquid crystals. Furthermore multiple light scattering in liquid crystals is of fundamental interest because it allows to study anisotropic light diffusion.
Training content(objective, benefit and expected impact)
The hosting group has an extensive experience in the use of ultra-fast optical techniques in general, and in the field of liquid crystals in particular, which ensures an excellent training opportunity for the applicant in using these techniques. Above that, the project allows the applicant to apply his experience in multiple light scattering in the for him new field of liquid crystals, thereby broadening his horizon and acquiring fresh knowledge in the field of liquid crystals.

Funding Scheme

RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)


Via Nello Carrara, 1
50019 Firenze

Participants (1)

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