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Type systems for internet computation models


The context of this project is a larger research project, recently started at the University of Glasgow and led by Dr Richard Connor, entitled "Hippo: High- level Internet Programming with Persistent Objects". The aims of Hippo are twofold: firstly, to investigate semantic issues in the design of a language suitable for querying the World-Wide Web, and secondly to integrate existing persistent systems technology into the same domain to support the transfer of high-level typed data using the same widely-available transmission protocols. The project envisaged for this studentship is a starting point for the research fields mentioned above. The project concerns the design of type systems constructs suitable to describe a high-level typed language (Hippo Core Language) which provides an embedded internet semantics and integrates orthogonal persistence and the Web.

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University of Strathclyde
Richmond street 26
G1 1XH Glasgow
United Kingdom

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