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Unemployment,skills and training policies - Great Britain and Spain in comparison


Research objectives and content
The object of this research is the analyse the determinants of the adoption of particular employment training policies during the 1980s and l990s and to evaluate the extent to which training policy outcomes have been mediated by the institutional contexts in which they have taken place. The research has a comparative character and the two selected cases are Great Britain and Spain. The research is thus concerned with the causes of divergence or convergence. The main objectives of the research are: -to give an account of the different training policies that have been implemented by governments in both countries relating this issue with unemployment situations.
-to analyse the profile of training provision in the two countries from a comparative perspective. Special attention is paid to target groups of policies and access conditions to programmes.
-to analyse the extent to which the provision of skills has been linked to other forms of welfare provision (such as employment benefits) in the two cases.
-to explain how labour market and welfare institutional arrangements, as well as supranational policies (i.e. European Community initiatives) influence the outcomes of training policies.
The British and the Spanish cases have not been studied comparatively so far, and one of the innovative aspects of the approach will be the simultaneous use of institutional and economic variables intervening in the processes of unemployment and training.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The acquisition of deep knowledge about the functioning of British labour markets and the links between unemployment, the profile of training provision and the evolution of skills in that country is essential for the comparison I want to make between the British and the Spanish case of which I already have some knowledge from previous exploratory research During my years of study I have acquired some basic statistical skills. Training in the use and analysis of British longitudinal socioeconomic data will greatly benefit my project in the sense that I could developed the necessary skills in more advanced data analysis.

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RGI - Research grants (individual fellowships)
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