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Dynamic approach to autonomous robotics


Reserach objectives and content
She research stay aims to help establish a research program at the host institution in the domain of autonomous robotics I his effort will build on earlier visits of the applicant during which he taught courses on robotics. autonomous systems. and Somputer vision. and. in additiong supervised student projects The nucleus of a research program is already in place. Primarily through a doctoral thesis project co-advised by the applicant and financed by the portuguese research agency JNICT.
The outcome of this preliminary collaboration between the applicant and members of the host institution has been the dentification of the area of autonomous robotics as a promising domain for original. independent, and relevant research at the host institution The possibility of integrating undergraduates into research projects. the existence of research opportunities hat can be pursued with relatively limited investment into hardware. and the collaborative nature of work in this domain. were arguments in favor of this research emphasis. The research program will revolve around the dynamic approach to autonomous robotics, to which the applicant has contributed centrally Behavioral modules are designed as dynamical systems with appropriate stable solutions. Instabilities enable decision making and thus generate flexibility The approach is particularly suited to integration of multiple behavioral modules on relatively low-level platforms Systems designed within the approach can be subjected to specification. evaluation by simulation. and predictable implementation thus moving simple low-level autonomous robots closer to real application The work program includes phases of intensive teaching of the relevant theoretical and practical skills. implementation of a simulator environment and of a number of basic behavioral modules in hardware. as well as the definition of a research I agenda and the planning of its execution Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
The research program is aimed to move basic research on autonomous robotics closer to development of related products by making systems based on simple, low-level platforms amenable to the level of systems engineering required in the real world
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