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Millimetre-wave magneto-optical studies of correlted electron systems


Research objectives and content
The project aims to provide a detailed understanding of carrier-carrier interactions in low dimensional systems in order to gain information about fundamental physical phenomena such as superconductivity and magnetism. In addition organic molecular metals have long-term technological applications. This project involves collaboration with European academic and industrial research groups.
In order to determine carrier-carrier interaction strengths in organic molecular metals, magnetooptical (cyclotron resonance), magnetisation and magnetotransport measurements will be performed. A comparison of the effective mass (quantum oscillations) and the dynamical mass (cyclotron resonance) will give the carrier-carrier interaction strength. To extend the techniques a tuneable resonant cavity plus higher frequencies will be developed and the experiments extended to high hydrostatic pressures. I shall gain complementary information about physical mechanisms in these novel materials by carrying out calculations of quantum oscillations and the magneto-optical response using computer models.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
I shall become skilled in scientific techniques such as cryogenics, high pressures and millimetrewave optoelectronics and will gather professional experience in computer modelling My communication skills will be improved by presenting my work at conferences In addition I will interact with the large number of experimental and theoretical scientists in Oxford Physics. Links with industry / industrial relevance (22)
My project will have strong links with AB Millimetre SARL.


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