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Automorphism groups and variants of minimality for valued fields and groups


Research objectives and content
The notions of "minimality" have been introduced in Model Theory to provide natural setting for structures with "few" first-order definable subsets. The best known are strong minimality, and o-minimality. At an earlier state of development, C-minimality has been introduced by D. Macpherson and C. Steinhorn to provide a setting for algebraically closed valued fields, and has already nice applications to valued fields and groups. Using my background in Model Theory and Algebra, I would like to contribute to the development of the model theory of C-minimal structures. In particular, I plan to test variants of C-minimality for groups and ordered groups and to study problems of definability in valued fields. Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
Beyond the training on subjects like o-minimality and C-minimality, the aim is also to acquire skills about the use of automorphism groups and ordered permutation groups in Model Theory. This should give a new light to some problems which I had already study (particularly on ordered groups) as well as let me start on new problems in this prosperous domain.

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