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Comparative investigation of the in-cylinder intake flow in an automotive engine by laser optical planar measuring techniques


Research objectives and content
One major goal in automotive research is to further reduce fuel consumption and pollutant emissions by optimising mixture formation and combustion process. The mixing process inside an internal combustion engine is strongly dependen the global flow structure, therefore the quantification of in cylinder largewscale flow phenomena, such as swirl and tumbl mandatory to explore foe aforementioned structures. In this research project, the aim is to pesfor n a comparative investigation of the in cylinder intake flow under steady-s and unsteady conditions using laser optical planar measuring techniques. The experiments will be performed on engine simulators and on near production engines with optical access. To achieve this, Laser-light techniques for qualitative visualization of the flow field structure and 2-Dimensi measurement techniques as I nser Doppler Velocimett DV) and Particle Image Yelocimetry/Particle Tracking Velocim (PIVIPIV) are employed to obtain precise information about the velocity field. This results can be used to declare a certain intake system as the most appropnate to comply with the ecological stand regarding engine design.
Training content (objective, benefit and expected impact)
The training content and objectives lie on the application of these techniques to engine case studies and the knowledge experience obtained from the results. At the present moment there are few people with experience in this field in Portugal, and practically none with indust experience.
With the training provided by this research project I expect to use the results for a Ph.D. thesis and afterwards use this work experience and knowledge to pursue a research activity on Industry and at Academic level in Portugal.

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